Who We Are

Our Story

iREACHU AFRICA started in 2009 as IREACHU Inc.

iReachu Africa Our StoryOur initiative started as a student-led initiative, championed by a team of passionate and vision-driven young students, with a clear objective of reaching out to the less-privileged in their immediate sphere of contact. Beginning with Lynchburg, Virginia and the Liberty University community, iREACHU Inc. engaged in campus and community outreach activities, organized visits to juvenile homes and detention centers, served at the food kitchen for the homeless and needy and also carried out other donation activities in the community. From the outset, the team was poised on reaching out to impact its university community and bringing about positive social change in the lives of the less privileged. Coincidentally, they all shared a common pull towards seeing Africa rise.

iREACHU AFRICA was hatched from an urgent call in response to an ailing continent. The first call was in response to a deprived village near Elmina, Ghana. There was a makeshift sick bay that needed urgent assistance with insecticide treated bed nets and other medical supplies. Later, we again responded to another call from the widows and orphans of that village to assist with staple foods, basic water, sanitation and hygiene supplies.

We also reached out to some rural high schools in the western region of Ghana who were in dire need of textbooks and school supplies. In partnership with other organizations, we donated numerous study materials and as well as school uniforms for deprived students. Over the years, we have responded to several of these similar needs from remote communities.

This was the beginning of a long-term relationship with Africa and the birth of a calling to impact the continent. We later transitioned from iREACHU Inc. to iREACHU AFRICA.

About Our Organization

Our Focus

iREACHU AFRICA is an international charitable community development organization that seeks to contribute towards the rise of the African continent.

Our focus is clear: EDUCATION. Looking beyond our environment and the world around us, we stand firm in our mission and we are committed to touching and transforming the lives of people in Africa.

Our Mission


Improve education by establishing Libraries in rural Africa that offer a balanced exposure to quality reading materials and educational resources


In partnership with local and international organizations, engage in sustainable projects that offer contextual value, are culturally competent and preserve the African narrative


Encourage early child exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts and health literacy through the incorporation of a HealthPromoHub in each 1LibraryProject model