What We Do


“About 38 percent of adults in sub-Saharan Africa, or 153 million people, lack the writing and basic numeracy skills they need in their daily lives.” (UNESCO, 2012)

Education iReachu Africa

We improve the quality of education by engaging with people at the grassroots level. In achieving this objective, we realize the library factor is very essential. We work with stakeholders, including students, teachers, and community leaders in rural communities to establish and renovate libraries. This is the cornerstone of our 1LibraryProject. This project aims to address the need for functional libraries in rural Africa and to improve the access to quality literacy materials gap. We have found a rarity of libraries even in the urban regions of Africa. This is worse for indigenes in the rural areas. We partner with other like-minded organizations that have similar interest in accomplishing our vision. We believe education occurs in varied forms; formal education is better actualized through meaningful exposure to learning resources, such as books, which are an essential part of the education equation.

Health Literacy

The World Health Organization and organizations responsible for global health have identified health literacy as an important determinant of population health. (WHO, 2011)

Low functional health literacy is associated with a wide range of adverse health outcomes.

At iREACHU Africa, we believe a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Although general literacy is crucial for community development, health literacy is fundamental to national growth and sustainability. Levels of health literacy reflect the economic and social empowerment of a country. Given that we are engaged in health promotion programs, optimum health literacy is essential in ensuring effective programs. Our studies have shown that health information is usually communicated at a literacy level above the average citizen’s comprehension. We therefore incorporate community-created visual-aids in our health literacy programs. Within our 1LibraryProject concept is a health promotion Hub aimed at using these tools in boosting health literacy and enhancing early S.T.E.M education exposure.

“Everyone has a right to health information that helps them make informed decisions. When people receive accurate, easy-to-use information about a health issue, they are better able to take action to protect and promote their health and wellness.” (Howard K. Koh, M.D. M.P.H.)

We develop and implement public health programs that are tailored to the needs of African regions and meant to bridge the predominant health gap in rural regions. We go where we are needed the most. Our main focus is on addressing diseases and illnesses related to water and sanitation health (WASH) needs, and chronic lifestyle illnesses such as Diabetes, through health education and sensitization programs. We also partner with rural clinics and health agencies in implementing and evaluating these programs. In sustaining these projects, we work closely with locals, providing training and materials to sustain our projects.